Zachary Parker

Few other metros see the apartment turnover that Boston does. With such a huge student population, you could imagine there are plenty of battles with landlords when it comes time to move out of that college pad. Follow these steps to make sure you get your deposit back.

After a wild year, the Boston apartment rental market is nearing it’s pre-pandemic levels. The vacancy rate in Boston is down to 1.48% from over 9% in September. Now it’s a matter of time before prices begin to climb again.

Purchasing a multi-family home in Boston is a great way to invest in the upward trajectory of the Boston real estate market. Check out our guide on avoiding some of the pitfalls of multi-family investing in Boston.

If you’re moving to Boston and looking to rent an apartment, you’ll want a local perspective on what to look for. Check out these 8 apartment features that matter most in Boston from the leaders in Boston apartment renting!

Renting a Boston apartment is a difficult due to the high demand and high turnover of apartments in the city. Here are 5 things to know before you start you apartment hunt!

The decision to rent and an apartment vs. buying a house is a tough one in a competitive real estate market like Boston. Here are 5 reasons why many prefer to rent over buying in Beantown.

Real Estate technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade, as cloud computing and electronic document security has disrupted how agents and buyers/sellers/renters interact. Check out some of the best new apps of 2021 disrupting the real estate industry!

Zachary Parker

Husband, Dad, Marketing Pro, SEO Gun for Hire, and Creator of Killer Content. Owner of ProSource Media.

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