Fenway Struggles To Keep Pace With Thawing Boston Rental Market

The current availability percentage for Fenway apartments is 22.75%, marking the highest apartment availability among all Boston Metro neighborhoods by a long shot. As the apartment rental market begins to thaw out in many parts of Boston, Fenway seems to have been left behind as it struggles to absorb its available inventory.

Since March, Fenway is one of the few student markets where the availability percentage has remained unchanged. The second highest apartment availability in Boston is Allston currently, and their availability percentage has shrunk 51% since March. In Mission Hill, apartment availability is down 38% during the same time period. Fenway’s availability percentage has only dropped by 4.89%.

Apartment availability in Boston has been slowly recovering since mid March when schools announced remote learning would be history in Fall 2021. Demand is surging in many popular student areas like Allston, Mission Hill, South End and Cambridge. The same cannot be said for Fenway.

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Husband, Dad, Marketing Pro, SEO Gun for Hire, and Creator of Killer Content. Owner of ProSource Media.

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Zachary Parker

Zachary Parker

Husband, Dad, Marketing Pro, SEO Gun for Hire, and Creator of Killer Content. Owner of ProSource Media.

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