South Boston Median Home Prices

South Boston is one of the city’s most active housing markets for real estate sales. According to MLS, out of the 28 neighborhoods in Boston, Southie recorded the most real estate sales over the past 365 days. There were 929 residential real estate transactions in South Boston over the past year, which is more than 3 times the average for all neighborhoods (303).

So if you’re looking to buy a home in the Metro area, you will find plenty of listings available for homes for sale in South Boston. But what will it cost you? Read on to find out!

Median Sales Price for Single Family Homes in South Boston

If you’re looking for a single family home, South Boston’s median sales price ranks in the middle of the pack compared to other Boston neighborhoods. The median sales price in South Boston is $1.02M for the past 12 months, which ranks #12 out of the 24 neighborhoods that have recorded a single-family home sale during that time span (Seaport, Downtown, Longwood, and West End all had 0 single family homes sales in the past year according to MLS).

The median sales price of $1.02M in South Boston is similar to that of the Leather District ($1.03M), Jamaica Plain ($1.03M), and Chinatown ($1.05M). Compared to nearby neighborhoods, South Boston is more expensive than Dorchester ($687K) and Roxbury ($601K), and less expensive than South End ($3.71M).

Price Per Square Foot for Homes in South Boston

Another good indicator of home prices in a given area is price per square foot. Like median sales price, South Boston ranks middle of the pack in terms of price per square foot. A home in South Boston averages $734 per square foot, which ranks 14th highest price/sq. ft. out of the 28 neighborhoods of Boston. The price per square foot in South Boston is similar to that of Charlestown, where the price/sq. ft. is $736.




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Zachary Parker

Zachary Parker

Husband, Dad, Marketing Pro, SEO Gun for Hire, and Creator of Killer Content. Owner of ProSource Media.

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